U.S. Forest Service to close areas along Magnolia Road for safety

by CynthiaB on March 31, 2014

Boulder, Colo. – A closure order has been put in place to protect public health and safety on approximately 283 acres of National Forest System lands within and adjacent to the Magnolia area of the Forsythe and Tungsten Fuel Reduction Projects.  Cutting and hauling activities could start as soon as Monday, March 31.

The restricted area is located in Boulder County, Colorado, east of Colorado Highway 72/119 and north of County Road 132, 6th Principle Meridian, T1S, R73W, Sections 13 and 24, and T1, R72W sections 18 and 19. This closure also applies to all access points originating from County Roads 132, Colorado 72/119, or from adjacent private or public lands. Click to see map.

County Road 132 (Magnolia Road), Forest Service Road 552 (Peak View Road) and Forest Service Road 958 will remain open to public traffic within the closure area.

The closure order addresses safety concerns associated with cutting and hauling activities within a popular and heavily used dispersed recreation area. By observing the closure order to protect against injury during operation of heavy equipment and transportation of timber, fuels reduction activities can commence without interruption and extensions of the closure order.

Planned fuels reduction activities in the Magnolia area were designed to reduce hazardous fuels that contribute to unwanted fire behavior. Activities include the use of heavy machinery to create openings, limited to 20 acre parcels, in the dense canopy by removing over-story fuels larger than five inches in diameter at breast height (DBH).  Treatment includes Aspen enhancement and some conifers retention.

Travel in these closed areas is restricted except for those persons with a permit specifically authorizing access within the closure order. Forest Service employees or contractors of the U.S. Forest Service and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office are permitted within the closure order.  Any Federal, State or local member of an organized rescue or firefighting force in the performance of their official duty will also be allowed within the closure area.  This order will be in effect from March 31, 2014 until midnight June 31, 2014 or otherwise rescinded.

For more on this fuels treatment visit the Lumpy Tung treatment area page.


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