Draft Nederland Sustainability Action Plan released, seeking Public Comment

by CynthiaB on March 4, 2014

The Draft Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) has been issued by Sustainability Consultant Conor Merrigan.  Conor is seeking Town Staff, Advisory Board, and Public Comment.  The Draft Plan and comment form are also located under the Sustainability Advisory Board page under “Access to SAB documents in progress” as well.

Sustainability Action Plan (draft) 2.0 version

  Sustainability Action Plan (143.9 KiB, 763 hits)

Original Draft Sustainability Action Plan:

  Sustainability Action Plan (draft) (198.0 KiB, 557 hits)

Draft Sustainability Action Plan comment form: 

  Sustainability Action Plan (draft) comment form (36.8 KiB, 658 hits)



The attached document is a draft of a sustainability action plan commissioned by the Town of Nederland to serve the community. At this point, the Town is looking for feedback to try and help the Plan reflect what is going on, point out what it’s missing, and start serving as something to chew on. The plan is that this will have about a month for people to comment before being re-edited and finalized sometime in April. As for the plan itself, it’s a first step in a journey that will be as successful as the people who choose to take it on make it. if you see something that calls to you, some action that you feel like you want to get involved with, send me a note (conor@c2sustainability.com) or give me a call. I’ll be up in Town a good deal this month sorting actions into the right categories and working with folks to get a good start to whatever they are passionate about.

The more eyeballs that see this, the greater chance of success it has. Please pass it around and ask anyone you know to take a look, for their opinions, and their reactions. Hopefully, I’ll be overwhelmed and will have to figure out some way to try and incorporate as much as possible, that’s fine. In fact, that would be excellent. Please use the attached form to make comments or you can access the “Google” version here. If neither one of those feels right for you, then send your comments along directly.

Please send your comments to Cynthia at Town Hall (cynthiab@nederlandco.org) who has graciously offered to collect them as the first point of contact. If you would like a Editable version to use track changes on, please contact me at conor@c2sustainability.com and I’ll send you one.

Other caveats:

Please feel free to use the ETC section at the end if you’re not sure where something should go or if you don’t have as much time, it’ll be easier for me to just scroll to the bottom and for you to just get things out in one place if that’s the case.

If you have questions for me, try to go all the way through and send them at once or call me

The Town as well as many community members have not had the chance to let me know which actions are already planned or they will be taking on, so it’s not that they aren’t being done, I just haven’t asked yet.

The additional actions in each section is the cloud factory, put whatever ideas you like and they stand a pretty good shot at making it in (no guarantees though)

Thank you for your consideration and please excuse any clumsiness or errors contained within.


Conor Merrigan
Principal, C2 Sustainability
cell/direct: 303.579.8808



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