Xcel Response about most recent Power Outage

by CynthiaB on January 10, 2014

Dear Nederland,

This morning at 3:35 am, we had a power line burn down during the strong winds. The outage affected the entire town of Nederland and lasted until 8:31. We had a contract crew staying over night in town, as we have for the last week and a half, who reached the site quickly. The damage was to all three “phases” and the crew had to repair each one.

As most of you know, we began transferring customers to the new wire that has been installed this week. This work isn’t complete but it is underway. This morning, our electric operations manager and I surveyed the line’s route while our crews continue to walk the entire route of this line that runs on the north side of the reservoir daily.

I know many of you have heard us say this before but we are extremely serious about the lack of reliable service to Nederland. Our senior managers are not only leaning hard on the contractors in the field to stabilize the situation and complete the project but are also continuing to communicate with the Public Utilities Commission on the progress of our project as well as to explain each outage.

I am in daily contact with customer care about the treatment Nederland customers report they have received from our customer care reps. It always helps for you to relay these experiences to me. We will only accept professional treatment to you. I am attempting to return the many calls I received today. Please know that I appreciate them and am amazed at the number of you who, despite your justifiable frustration, always express your thoughts in a kind way.

I also would like to remind our customers, who have experienced a financial loss because of these outages, about our claims process. To begin an application, please call 303-294-2828.

I will stay in touch.

Craig Eicher
Xcel Energy | Responsible By Nature
Area Manager, Boulder Region
2655 N 63rd St Boulder, CO 80301

P: 303-245-2254 C: 303-827-4943 F: 303-245-2292
E: craig.l.eicher@xcelenergy.com


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