Residents Asked to Report Flood Debris for Removal

by CynthiaB on January 7, 2014

A final pass for debris removal in the Town of Lyons will happen the week of Jan. 13

Boulder County, Colo. – Boulder County has been helping to remove flood debris from unincorporated county roadsides since October and is continuing to do so. Residents are asked to report any debris piles that have been placed near the roadside, or any debris piles that the resident is unable to move to the roadside due to quantity, location or access issues.

The contractor has completed roughly 2/3 of all right-of-way collection in the county and is poised to begin location-specific collection. Up to now, the contractor has been making sweeping passes of county roads, but will now be making deliberate trips to particular locations at which the county has been informed there is debris at the roadside.

The final collection for the Town of Lyons will take place the week of Jan. 13, so residents should move any remaining debris to the roadside as soon as possible. Coal Creek Canyon residents can expect debris removal crews to begin work in their area the week of Jan. 13 as well and should begin taking debris to the roadside.

Residents who have large volumes of debris on private property which they cannot move to the roadside themselves, and would like to seek county assistance in removal, should report the debris on the Boulder County website, at or call 720-564-2222. Please attach a photo to the reporting form if possible. Residents should also fill out the Right of Entry form online so the county can access private property to assess debris quantities and determine if the debris poses an imminent threat. Due to overwhelming quantities of debris on private property the county will not be able to assist in removing any or all debris from private property, but is currently creating a database of debris locations and exploring options for removal.

Please visit for a list of debris collection guidelines and rules. Remember that hazardous materials should be taken to the Hazardous Materials Management Facility at 1901 63rd St in Boulder.

Through roadside collection, Boulder County has helped to remove approximately 8,500 cubic yards of vegetative (woody) debris, 8,000 cubic yards of sediment (mud, sand, dirt, rock), 7,900 tons of household debris, 300 appliances and white goods and 200 pounds of household hazardous waste. Over 1,400 truckloads of debris have been collected countywide, including in Jamestown and Lyons.

For more information, call 720-564-2222 or email


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