Freeze Warning

by admin on December 18, 2013

With deep winter freezes approaching Public Works would like to urge you to use every precaution possible to keep your service line and pipes from freezing.  Town code states that the property owner is responsible for their service line up to the main.  Therefor we would like to offer some tips to help folks keep their water running throughout the winter.

  1. Insulate areas around your pipes such as crawlspaces, cabinets, closets and basements.  Make sure these areas are airtight.  Be aware of pipes on exterior walls.
  2. If you use heat tape or thaw wires make sure they are plugged in and working.
  3. Consider bleeding lines, especially if you’ve had water freezing issues in the past.  This becomes increasingly important going into February and March as the frost line sinks deeper into the ground.  Warm days during this time can be deceiving as they actually cause water to melt and refreeze deeper in the ground.  Last February and March is when we saw the majority of frozen lines for the winter of 2012/2013.

When bleeding lines it is recommended to run a faucet, especially overnight, at a rate of flow equal to the thickness of a pencil.  If you have a septic system it is recommended to run the water outside so it does not overburden the septic.  In these cases a hose directed away from the house can be used but remember to disconnect it when there is no continuous flow.

These precautions will not guarantee that your pipes will not freeze, but they will greatly reduce the chances.  If you have any questions please contact the Nederland Water Department at 303-258-7985.


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