Boulder County Transportation Snow Removal Information

by admin on October 2, 2013

Oct. 2, 2013
Contact: Barb Halpin, 303-441-1622

 Boulder County Transportation Snow Removal Information

Road crews preparing for early season snowfall will implement changes to routes and methods for snow removal in flood-damaged areas

Boulder County, Colo. – As a result of the recent flooding in Boulder County, local roads range from no-impact to single-lane four wheel drive access only. Many areas of the county remain inaccessible to vehicular travel due to road damage or continuing high water levels. With predictions for snowfall as early as overnight on Thursday, Boulder County Road Maintenance crews are preparing alternative methods for snow removal along flood-damaged routes.

Boulder County Transportation will strive to provide the best snow removal possible despite extenuating circumstances along the county’s flood-ravaged road system. However, roads that remain in poor condition will not support previously-used snow equipment. For example, road crews will not be able to use truck snow plows on uneven surfaces; these roads will now require graders to complete this task. Plowing routes with graders will add substantial time to complete the accustomed level of snow removal.

In order to provide the safest and fastest snow removal services possible, Boulder County’s Road Maintenance Division is requesting motorists to please be aware of the following issues.

  • Drive slowly and carefully; hazards that previously could be seen and avoided may be hidden after a snowfall.
  • Many roads are only one lane in places which will require extra diligence and courtesy on every driver’s part.
  • Give the right of way to oncoming snow removal equipment, it will be much easier for a car or pickup to find a location to stop or pull over than it will be for our large snow removal equipment.
  • Be aware that county roads that are not affected by damage may experience minor delays for snow removal due to diverted resources.
  • Allow extra time for travel in those areas affected by the flood rough roads, steep shoulder drop offs, single lane roads, visibility and other hazards will require everyone’s attention and vigilance.

Due to resources and closure of recreational areas Brainard Lake Drive will not be plowed. In addition the following roads, or portions of roads, will not be plowed due to damage or accessibility:

  • Lefthand Canyon between the lower Lefthand fire station (#1) and Sawmill Road
  • Lefthand through the town of Ward
  • James Canyon between Lefthand Canyon and Jamestown
  • Balarat Road
  • Gold Run Road between Salina and Summerville
  • Lee Hill Road between Deer Trail Road and Lefthand Canyon
  • Wagonwheel Gap Road
  • Pinto Drive
  • CR 82E from Cabin Creek Road to the Boulder and Larimer County line
  • Pika Road from Bison Drive to Coney Court

For current road closure information as a result of flooding, visit:

For additional information about snow removal, contact Road Maintenance at 303-441-3962.



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