Notes from the Community Information/Flood Recovery Meeting

by admin on September 18, 2013

The Community Information/Flood Recovery Meeting was held on Tuesday, Sept. 17th at the Community Center and was presided over by Mayor Joe Gierlach.

Below is a summary of the meeting. Please note that this is presented to you as a service, and it is believed to be accurate. Also note that there are numerous links that you can follow up on and double-check any information.

FEMA disaster report team will be at the Community Center Wednesday, 9/18 at 2pm to help individuals register to obtain assistance.

Comparatively, everything turned out well in Nederland, despite the inconvenience to mountain residents regarding transit.  Services are looking good.

School:  BVSD is open tomorrow, Sept. 18.  All BVSD schools are open except Jamestown and Crest View Elementary Schools. Generators are at the schools and operations should be fine. For Open Enrollment Students it’s the parents’ responsibility to get their kids to school. BVSD updated bus routes are online at this link:

BVSD Link:

Open Roads:
Highway 46 Golden Gate
Highway 93 is open
Highway 119 south from Nederland

Highway 6 out of Black Hawk
Central City Parkway and 1-70 open in both directions
Sunshine Canyon is open but in terrible condition. Sinkholes, nasty potholes, one way spots. With a valid ID you are allowed up and down, however, it is still very dangerous and not in 100% condition.
We’re getting fuel trucks, food trucks, business as usual.
The best way to Boulder is still Highway 6.

Magnolia and Sugarloaf are main concerns to get open. The priority is to get the base of Boulder Canyon open to get access for Magnolia and Sugarloaf before the top of the canyon. Currently there is one lane of traffic through Magnolia, and there’s a lot that is still going to slide through there so it is still very risky.

Boulder CanyonBoulder Canyon is a disaster area, mostly the bottom toward Boulder, 4 Mile Canyon area, etc. Much of the canyon is good, but the lower portion is wrecked and sprouting a couple new waterfalls.  It is estimated to be at least a month until any part of canyon will be open, with the bottom of the canyon eventually only opening to one lane for a very long time.  The engineers are working on what to do now, and Boulder Canyon is high on the priority list.  The National Guard is in the area.  It is likely that contract crews will be used to clean the canyon due to the scale of work.  The disaster assessment will be out shortly, then contract work will commence.

A top priority are the communities that are stranded or cut off. Ambulances need to get through, which is why not all the roads are available for people to travel.  Please limit travel when able allow crews to focus on assessment and recovery efforts.

Cleaning:  It’s not about the amount of debris, it’s about understanding the safety.  Safety is an absolute priority.  Crews will need to proceed slowly as many of the roads have such considerable damage and instability that there is concern about heavy equipment access and safety.  Bottom line, don’t travel and increase wear on the sensitive roads. That will only slow down the reconstruction efforts and extend commute times farther into the season.

PLEASE AVOID:  Coal Creek Canyon is in seriously bad condition.  Stay away from Big Thompson river.

Nederland Recovery:  Second Street culvert is half-way done, completion is expected shortly.

WARNING: The Big Springs/Alpine/Peakview intersection has been compromised by a natural spring that is pushing up causing a massive sink hole.  Town understands this is a major thoroughfare for residents.  We are asking that you please limit your trips, carpool if needed, or stay off this section, if at all possible.  It is passable by a single lane as directed by cones – please do not remove the cones. The ground is extremely soft and repairs can only occur once it starts to dry up.

Buses:  Currently they’re working on RTD having the N bus come up using a different route.  There are some challenges as the bus can’t go through Sunshine because of switchbacks, nor travel through Gilpin County.  The Gilpin County Connector may come back with service through Via.

Community Center:  The Upper level is fine, classes are continuing, however the lower level has sustained flooding damage.  The Fitness Center will be closed until assessment and repairs are complete.  Drying out of the lower level is expected on September 19.  The Back Door Theatre was not affected.

Mail and Deliveries:  Postal delivery is continuing; FedEx is resuming on 9/18, and UPS is still trying to figure it out alternate routes, like residents.

Trash:  Western Disposal has stopped service to Nederland this week due to lack of access.  Next week they will take it day by day.  (Town Administrator Alisha Reis is on the email list for updates, which will be posted as they are made available.)

In the meantime,  Jane Curtis of Keep Magnolia Clean will help out.   If interested, please bag trash, she can pick it up at a cost of $5 for a 32 gallon bag.  They should go to , click on Forms and then Special Pickup.  Complete the form and Jane will take it from there.  If for some reason she cannot make the pick up, she will contact you. You can call @ 303 565 0452, but filling out the form on the website is the best route to take.   Businesses can bag trash to be picked up.  She cannot pick up trash from dumpsters.  The pickup days are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Green Boxes is another alternative, but they are closed on Wednesdays.  There is no information yet as to what they will take.

CONTINUAL UPDATES:  Please check Mayor Joe’s blog and the town website.

Mayor Joe’s Blogspot:

Nederland Town website:


Thanks to Sebastian Crain for taking notes, from which the main content of this text was taken.


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