Many Electronics will be Prohibited from Trash Bins Starting July 1

by admin on June 24, 2013

The Electronic Recycling Jobs Act bans electronics from landfills

Boulder County, Colo. – Effective July 1, Boulder County residents can no longer place computers and many other types of electronics at the curb, or in waste bins, for collection and disposal. The Electronic Recycling Jobs Act, signed by Governor Hickenlooper in April of 2012, intends many benefits for the state including job creation through material recovery, diversion of hazardous material from landfills and reduction of energy and raw material resource demands from mining and manufacturing.

Banned devices include:

  • television sets
  • central processing units (CPUs)
  • computer monitors
  • peripherals
  • printers
  • fax machines
  • laptops
  • notebooks
  • ultra books
  • net books
  • electronic tablets
  • digital video disc players
  • video cassette recorders
  • video display devices with a screen greater than four inches

The law requires that consumers deliver their electronic equipment to collection facilities or collection events. Boulder County will no longer accept waste electronics at the Nederland or Allenspark transfer stations or county recycling drop off centers. Residents of Nederland and Allenspark can expect county-organized collection events on or around Labor Day weekend.

Electronic devices contain a number of hazardous elements that can migrate if disposed in a landfill, potentially contaminating groundwater and soil. Brokers and recyclers with an e-Steward or R2 certification have demonstrated that they meet specific environmental standards and safely manage used electronics. Residents of Boulder County can find a list of certified electronics recyclers and local collection events at

For more information, contact Jeff Callahan, Boulder County Resource Conservation Division at 720-564-2221 or




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