Boulder County Awards Sustainability Grants to Local Communities

by admin on May 23, 2013

Boulder County, Colo. – The Boulder County Commissioners announced the recipients of six Sustainability Grants in the following Boulder County communities: Longmont, Lyons, Nederland, Jamestown, Boulder and Lafayette.  Boulder County’s Sustainability Matching Grant Program provides an opportunity for governmental organizations in the county to undertake environmental sustainability priorities within their communities. In addition to supporting localized efforts, Boulder County’s Environmental Sustainability Matching Grant Program will assist the county in leveraging community resources and setting collective goals for a more coordinated, county-wide approach to environmental sustainability.

The county’s Sustainability Grant recipients are pursuing diverse projects ranging from hiring a sustainability coordinator to providing further financial incentives for EnergySmart, an energy efficiency service for all Boulder County residents and businesses.

“These awards are an excellent way for us to recognize and encourage the great work done in each of our communities around sustainability,” said Susie Strife, Boulder County Sustainability Coordinator. “It is a way to celebrate the remarkable leadership within each individual community, and help jumpstart strategic planning around sustainability.”

The Sustainability Matching Grant was established earlier this year as a way to recognize efforts that propel sustainability initiatives within Boulder County communities. Any municipality or town located within Boulder County that can match their requested funds with either in-kind time from a current or hired staff member, or by providing a full dollar match of the requested amount, was eligible to apply for a maximum of $15,000. The total funding awarded for 2013 will be $87,500 and all communities that applied for a grant will be receiving awards.

List of recipients and their proposed projects:

City of Boulder will be awarded $15,000 for the development of a SmartRegs Training Simulation program to prepare contractors/inspectors to qualify as inspectors, or G-licensed contractors for Boulder SmartRegs, which requires all rental housing to meet basic energy efficiency standards by 2019. The Training Simulation is intended to replace the in-person training and testing currently required for SmartRegs inspector licensure.  This training will increase the quantity and expertise of Boulder SmartRegs inspectors as well as save financial and administrative resources over the life of the SmartRegs program.

Town of Jamestown will be awarded $15,000 to recondition and extend the present subsurface aspect of their water intake system at the Jamestown water treatment plant with the goal of providing 15,000 gallons of water/day – enough to meet the minimal needs of the town in the event of an extreme incident such as an upstream fire or continued drought – conditions made much more probable by a changing climate.

Town of Lafayette will be awarded $15,000 to undertake three different objectives:  $8,000 will be used to hire a sustainability consultant to focus on grant writing, increasing participation in the EnergySmart service for Lafayette residents and businesses and leading education and outreach efforts; $5,000 will be used to complete Lafayette’s Energy Sustainability Master Plan and Greenhouse Gas inventory; and the final $2,000 will be used to install community bike racks at RTD bus stops to support alternative modes of transportation as well as at other high usage, visible community locations in Lafayette.

City of Longmont will be awarded $15,000 to provide discounted home energy assessments through the EnergySmart service.  Once the energy assessment is complete, rebates will also be provided to encourage the customer to take first steps towards improving home efficiency.  Longmont Power & Communications (LPC) anticipates there will be renewed customer awareness and motivation for Longmont residents to improve their homes’ energy efficiency and in turn save money on monthly utility bills.

Town of Lyons will be awarded their requested amount of $12,500 for the creation of the Lyons Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (LESAP).  The development of the LESAP will enable the community to identify sustainability issues of greatest concern, establish environmental sustainability priorities, develop an action plan and begin the execution of the steps towards environmental sustainability. This will allow Lyons to take well-planned, prioritized steps toward sustainability that are based on metrics, community values and feasibility.

Town of Nederland will be awarded $15,000 to hire a part-time sustainability coordinator to ensure integrated planning within their comprehensive land use plan and master infrastructure plan, moving overall town operations more toward sustainability.  The town of Nederland expects this effort to produce a Sustainability Action Plan (already begun as a grassroots project within the town’s Sustainability Advisory Board), as well as integration of sustainability into the town’s Master Infrastructure Plan and Comprehensive Plan.

Boulder County is proud to have so many communities with progressive ideas for sustainability and the county looks forward to seeing these grant-winning projects come to fruition. For more information about Boulder County’s sustainability mission, visit


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