Single-Stream Recycling Finally Comes to Mountain Transfer Stations!

by admin on January 8, 2013

New processing equipment at recycling and transfer centers have been converted to single stream and cardboard bins, allowing for faster processing and no need for resident sorting. 

Beginning this month, Boulder County residents can avoid having to sort recycling materials by type when using any of the county’s drop-off centers or transfer sites. New equipment and strategies at the Boulder County Recycling Center now allow for easier, faster and more efficient recycling operations

Specifically, the Niwot and Lyons drop-off centers, the transfer stations in Allenspark and Nederland, and the drop-off area at the Boulder County Recycling Center, have been converted to single-stream recycling, making it easier for county residents to recycle acceptable items by eliminating the need to separate their recyclables.

Note: It is imperative that residents drop-off only approved items for recycling at any drop-off center or transfer station. Go to for a complete list of acceptable items.

New equipment added this summer has also considerably improved the efficiency of recycling in the county. Rearrangement of equipment will allow all recycled material to pass through every piece of equipment at the Boulder County Recycling Center, placing the burden of sorting on the machines.

The new equipment can now separate glass from paper, improving the quality of the paper being sent to market. In addition, glass and paper are no longer mixed with containers, making the sorting of containers quicker and easier.

The new equipment also allows the Recycling Center to recover shredded paper more efficiently. This will give residents the opportunity to recycle their non-bagged, loose shredded paper at the drop off and transfer stations or add it to their curbside compost.

These improvements by the County have reduced the facility’s annual operating costs by approximately $340,000. These savings will allow the county an anticipated return on investment in approximately 4.5 years.

Corrugated cardboard boxes will continue to have a separate collection box due to their size and the ease with which they are handled at the Recycling Center.

For tours of the facility (groups of 20 or more) please call 720-564-2226.


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