Community Center Site Plan Committee UPDATES

by admin on January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013:

At its December meeting The Nederland Board of Trustees appointed a Community Center Site Plan Committee to work with architects, engineers and other planning professionals to fashion a Site Development Plan.  This plan would include a vision for the development of the whole Community Center site—access, parking, landscaping, drainage and flood control, and buildings—and set priorities for the parts of the plan to be funded and developed in coming years.

The Committee includes Dale Porter (Chair), Alisha Reis, Jennifer Davis, Susan Davis Churches, Trustee Ledge Long, Planning Commission member Roger Cornell, Marylou Harrison, and Dan and Linda Glasser (alternates).  The Committee will meet monthly on the first or second Thursday at 6:30 pm in the conference room of the Community Center.  These meetings will be posted on the Town website and are open to the public.

The first task of the Committee is to compile information, ideas and recommendations from past CC advisory groups and workshops, the recent PROSAB master plan, the Trails master plan, and the Town’s comprehensive plan (now in revision). Then, the Committee will write goals and guidelines for developing the site, and discuss these with design and development professionals chosen through a public bid process. The end product should be a conceptual design and prioritized timetable for the various parts of the development process.

Because of the extensive public meetings, focus groups and other communications involved in previous planning efforts, the CC Site Plan Committee does not intend to hold public meetings.  However, we know that the Nederland community is vitally interested in their Community Center and there are strong feelings about how parts of the site should be developed. We welcome input from everyone. Interested residents are encouraged to submit comments or questions to the Committee by clicking here We will make every effort to respond quickly and openly to comments and questions as they appear.


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