UPDATE! Water System Upgrades Successfully Completed

by admin on September 24, 2012

UPDATE!  10/21/12:  The water infrastructure repairs and parts replacement work conducted last week appears to have been successful.  Residents may experience some air bubbles in their water lines for another day or two.  Based on the work done last week, Public Works will be planning a similar parts replacement in other parts of town, so please continue to watch this space, the Town’s Facebook page (Nederland Colorado Town Hall) or the Town’s Twitter feed (townofned).

Below are some before and after photos of the replaced Bridge St. PRV.


Water infrastructure repairs and parts replacement will affect water pressure and cause limited water disruptions October 17th, 18th and 19th, weather permitting.  Important water distribution system parts are being replaced as part of an overall water infrastructure upgrade program.

October 17th, 18th and 19th, 2012, from approx. 6:30AM until approx. 3:00PM:  The Bridge St. PRV will be replaced during this period.  Residents could experience some fluctuation in water pressure, but full availability is expected and advanced water storage is not expected to be necessary.  A few households on East Fourth St. will be completely without water during this time; those households will receive a special notice of this circumstance.   Should you experience any water pressure or availability problems, please contact Town Hall so that Public Works can isolate and address your issue!

During these events, water could be brown or milky in appearance.  The brown color could come from 5-years’ worth of sediment being flushed through; the milky color would be air bubbles if the pressure becomes high enough.  Both are safe to drink and use, although unappealing in appearance.  The water is thoroughly disinfected.

This infrastructure upgrade is planned to address some of the chronic water pressure problems experienced by residents.  Based on the results of this replacement, the Town tentatively plans to replace the other existing PRV in Town in order to provide a more consistent and reliable water supply.

The Town of Nederland apologizes for this inconvenience.  Infrastructure upgrades are common with aging systems; these upgrades will serve all of us for many years to come.  Please spread the word to your neighbors! 


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