Wildfire Mitigation Video Released by Boulder County

by admin on September 2, 2011

Wildfire Mitigation Video

As part of Boulder County’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan, a video was produced on how to insure your home against wildfire.  This video is now available to view online.  Please share it with family, friends, and community members who might be interested.

 Properly Insure Your Home Against Wildfire

Many homeowners assume their insurance coverage will allow them to rebuild if their home is destroyed by a wildfire. Bruce Honeyman, who lost his home in the Fourmile Fire, shares his experience, “Insurance companies choose estimating tools, Xactimate for example, to give the cost of a home.  Our experience with our insurance company and their use of Xactimate was that it came in 50-60% of what the actual cost from our independent contractor was to rebuild the home.”  A survey following the Fourmile Fire found that over 60 percent of people who lost their homes were under-insured by an average amount of over $160,000. Under-insurance is a common problem in wildfire after wildfire across the country. This video contains vital information for homeowners so they can properly insure their home against wildfire.

Click HERE to link to video.

Other county wildfire videos can be viewed HERE.



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