Boulder County Commissioners Adopt New Districting Map

by admin on September 28, 2011

In compliance with state statute, Boulder County is divided into three “residence” districts that are nearly equal in population.

One commissioner is elected from each district by the voters of the whole county.

Districts must be revised after each federal census to assure roughly the same population per district.

The current district map was revised and took effect in 2011.

Note: map size is large in order to show street detail.

The district map was created based on public feedback and according to the following guidelines:

  • Keep communities of interest intact
  • Use clear boundary lines
  • Allow for growth
    • District 1, which includes the city of Boulder, contains the most population (approx. 100,000) because it is expected to grow the least. Districts 2 and 3, which are expected to grow more, have populations of roughly 96,000 and 98,000, respectively.

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